Former Union Carbide World Data Center Revitalized: A Secure Environment

For many businesses, information technology has gotten to the point where it can just be overwhelming to think about all of the hardware and software requirements in voice and data to keep up with the competition.

OODA has a solution. A world class data center that covers every component of voice and data solutions, is ahead every step of tomorrow's "latest and greatest" solutions, remaining permanently cutting edge technology.

The facility — located in the West Virginia Regional Technology Park — is equipped with two 1,500-horsepower diesel engines that power one-megawatt generators. These engines drink from an 8,000-gallon diesel tank in the next room. One generator at 40 percent power will run the entire facility. The second one is 'just in case.'

The building also features redundant cooling units as well as redundant carriers.

A proud leader in first-rate colocation, disaster recovery, storage and cloud services, OODA spares no expense at providing customers with a secure environment for data storage and servers. We omit the risks of onsite security breaches, fire or flood damage.

OODA heralds its colossal data center as a premium solution amid the clutter of second-rate colocation and cloud-based services that claim to protect your data.

This is a facility where you want to move your assets, your data — your future.


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